5 Good Places To Meet The opposite Sex

5 Good Places To Meet The opposite Sex

By Ruth D. Kerce

1. The Bookstore

Shop in your regular sections, but pay attention to others who are also shopping there. It's easy to start up a conversation about the books and authors you like to read. And you'll know that you already have something in common with the other person.

2. Children Sporting Event

For those of you who are single, but have small children, this is ideal. Other single parents will also be attending these events, and you won't have to worry about the other person being "scared off" by the fact that you have a child, because that person has a child, too.

3. Online Chat Rooms

This works well for people who are too shy to approach others. Just be careful not to reveal too much information about yourself too quickly. Go slowly and use the same precautions you would when meeting someone in person.

4. The Local Grocery Store

Not the big chains--too many married people. The odds will be against you. Try the corner Mom & Pop type stores in your neighbourhood, where more singles are prone to shop.

5. The Mall

Okay, okay. This is usually more of a teen thing, but you can't deny the amount of traffic flow in and out. Try the food court. That's the place where people take a break and will be more open to conversation.

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