by Barb Marcano

Emoticons are cute little characters you can use to a visually express how you feel when words alone just aren't enough. A fun way to add a personal touch in your instant messages and online chat conversations.

Examples of Chat and IM Emoticons

Smile :-) or :)   Happy :-D or :d
Surprised :-O or :o Tongue out :-P or :p
Wink ;-) or ;) Sad :-( or :(
Confused :-S or :s Disappointed :-| or :|
Crying :'( Embarrassed :-$ or :$
Hot (H) or (h) Angry :-@ or :@
Don't tell anyone :-# Baring teeth 8o|
Nerd 8-| Sarcastic ^o)
Secret telling :-* Sick +o(
I don't know :^) Thinking *-)
Party <:o) Eye-rolling 8-)
Sleepy |-) E-mail (E) or (e)
Thumbs up (Y) or (y) Thumbs down (N) or (n)
Girl (X) or (x) Boy (Z) or (z)
Left hug ({) Right hug (})
Red heart (L) or (l) Birthday cake (^)
Red lips (K) or(k) Broken heart (U) or (u)
Red rose (F) or (f) Gift with a bow (G) or (g)
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