Profile Photo Tips

by Jason Tudor 

The idea of posting your photo on an internet site – for all the world to see – is for some people a scary thought. However, it is extremely difficult to be successful in online dating without one. The reasons for this are many, some more obvious than others.

First off, think about your profile without a picture. Put yourself in another person’s shoes as they come upon said profile. Does the information about your body type, habits, and hobbies seem like it would make anyone curious enough to contact you?

Remember that some of people don’t fully trust the internet. The main reason for this is that it allows for personal contact, but does so only by way of text. There’s none of the subtle nuances of a face to face meeting or even a phone conversation. Without a picture on your profile, you are just another bunch of letters on the screen. With a picture, you suddenly have an identity.

It’s also important to remember that using internet dating sites costs money. Not only are some users not paying at all and just “skimming”, others may be using the site on a credit-by-credit basis. Either way, making that step to contact you involves a bit of commitment, and the lack of a picture is just another distraction.

Some of you will worry that about how you look. That’s a valid concern, at least, until you consider the fact that you will have to show your face at some point! Otherwise, why would you pursue a relationship with someone?

The need for a photo also applies if you are actively trying to contact other members. Many of them, mainly women, get so many emails/winks/nods/etc. that they screen out any potential contact that doesn’t have a picture on their profile. Some of them will even say so in their self-description: “if you don’t have a pic, don’t bother!”.

What many people forget is that dating websites often give preference to members with pictures. They will give said members privileges like always being at the top of searches, or free email credits.

So, there really isn’t a reason not to put up your picture. But, there are some DO's and DON'TS  to the process.

Profile Photo DO's

  • DO - use a decent camera. A fuzzy web-cam picture just looks like you’re standing in front of the ATM.
  • DO - be artistic when you take your picture. Show your face, of course, but originality goes a lot to saying something about yourself.
  • DO - use at least one close-up of your face and one body shot.
  • DO - use a current picture that show what you look like right now.
  • DO - include more than one picture, some can be pictures of yourself doing interesting activities like hiking, skiing, dancing, etc...
  • DO - SMILE and show off that perfect set of teeth.

Profile Photo DON'Ts

  • DO NOT - use a picture of you in some bar flashing some drunk grin. For most people (most) this is a turnoff.
  • DO NOT- be too, um, risqué. For most people (most), a picture of you in your leopard-skin underwear will be a turnoff.
  • DO NOT - use a picture that used to have your ex-boy/girlfriend in it, with his/her part cut out with a pair of scissors. The implication is that you have no pictures in which there isn’t some other guy/girl hanging off you.
  • DO NOT - wear sunglasses, hats, or anything else that hides your face.
  • DO NOT - flaunt your wealth. Flashy cars, expensive jewelry, pictures of your yacht, can make you look insecure, or worst - attract gold diggers.
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