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Online Dating FAQ's

Answers to Frequently Asked Online Dating Questions.

QDoes online dating work?

A Certainly, there is no question about that. Online dating is one of the fastest growing industries, which makes sense as more and more people have access to the internet. Online dating gives you not only the ability to check out more people at a far faster rate than you possibly could in person, it also allows you to meet people close by or from far, far, away.

Statistics regarding online dating are difficult to obtain, especially due to just how new it is. Also, it did have somewhat of an early stigma of being the dating method of last resort, something only for shut-in undateable nerds.

Check any dating site today, and you’ll see that it’s full of people that might actually know computer programming and/or play video games. But you’ll also see people from all walks of life. Everyone, from the grungiest of janitors to the buffest of models, has issues with real-world dating. Dating online could eventually become the most popular way of dating there is.

QIs online dating safe?

A It is as safe or safer than going out to bars, that’s for sure. At least most dating sites require payment, which tends to discourage potential “creeps” from wasting their time. All you have to do is follow the same rules of safety that apply to traditional in-person dating.

Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t give out personal information like addresses or your place of work. Meet in a public place, use your own method of transportation and tell someone you trust where you are (in fact, if you’re nervous, get that person to pick you up).

QDo you have any tips for choosing a username?

A Avoid numbers… “cutiepie7” sounds so, well, 90’s, and computer-ish. Avoid overly sexy words, unless you’re wanting to give the impression that sex is your only objective in dating. Pick something that means something to you, and people will notice.

Just take a gander at the usernames out there already – don’t hesitate to check out what other people of your sex are already doing, and see what seems to attract attention and what doesn’t. Of course, be original. Not only will an original username stand out in a list of potential profiles, it will stick out in a reader’s mind when they try and go back to investigate the “maybe’s” that were initially skipped over.

QIs my personal information safe? Is it possible for anyone to see it?

A Only the people who run the dating site itself can see your information, and there is certainly no way for other members to see it. There are many controls placed on this kind of thing, most of them legal, that stop websites from sharing your information with anyone else. When in doubt, check each site’s legal information.

QAre there any advantages in purchasing a membership?

A Absolutely… and one of them is essential: you almost certainly won’t be able to contact other members without paying. Isn’t that what you came there for? Sure, with the “trial” membership you can look around (maybe) a little, but if you want to do more than just look you’ll have to pay. It’s not like it is that expensive, anyhow, especially if you compare a month’s membership to even one night out at the bar.

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