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  • Dating Site: www.friendfinder.com
  • Regions: Canada, United States, Intl.
  • Best For: Dating and Relationships
  • Starting Cost: $24.34
  • Members: Over 1 Million Active Members
  • Online Since: 1996
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Friend Finder ( Friendfinder ) Review

Dating Site Reviewby Jason Tudor

Friend Finder Personals is an attractive, user friendly, and very popular online dating community designed around those seeking friendship, dates, even a relationship. Not only is it a fun place to hang out and make new friends, it also has all the matching and communication tools you need to meet and develop relationships online.

It is associated with the larger Friend Finder Network, an online social networking community with 15 targeted online dating sites designed to meet the specific interests of singles. You can invite friends, or invite yourself, to a growing network that brings friends of friends together. This is useful for more than just dating.

Instead of doing background checks on its members, Friend Finder offers an optional method of security. Each member that confirms his or her identity is given a "Two Week Free  Membership". Once confirmed, a badge is added on to your profile letting other members know that you're a  "trusted Member" -  and you are who you say you are.

Once you register, many of the features can be used for free. Create a profile with photos, browse personal ads,  send instant messages, respond to email, socialize in the chat rooms, post on message boards, create a blog, and access the interactive Magazine.

Of course, there always an upside to becoming a paid subscriber. For one, if you are a non-paying “Standard” member, you have almost no ability to search. You’ll only be able to look at picture profiles of those members that have paid memberships, and can’t search by any location smaller than state or province.


  • 1 Month: $24.34/month Silver
  • 3 Month: $14.15/month Silver
  • 6 Month: $11.50/month Silver
  • 1 Month: $37.15/month Gold
  • 3 Month: $15.92/month Gold
  • 6 Month: $12.61/month Gold

There are  two types of memberships, either “Silver” or “Gold”, differences being mainly in efficiency. Gold members have their names at the top of searches, have more search options (i.e., by distance, which is invaluable unless you want to commute to your boyfriend by airbus), and get 24/7 phone support.

When it comes to viewing profiles, it may seem that profiles are fairly plain, but if you get into all the site’s nooks and crannies, there are all sorts of ways to define yourself online.

Your “topics” section has a wealth of information including lifestyles, activities, hobbies, music/t.v./film preferences, personality quirks, physical traits, dreams and goals, and so on. The site automatically matches many of your major characteristics to theirs, quickly allowing you to see where you (or your potential date) may or may not suffice.

And there's many methods of communicating with other members. “Winks”, emails, instant messaging, chat rooms, audio greetings, and videos can all help you decide whether or not this guy is “kick to the curb” or “who cares about those crumbs, anyhow?”.

Two features worth mentioning. One. If you install the desktop "Instant Messenger", you can chat live, on all fifteen of Friend Finder's personals sites. Two. Installing the "Friend Finder Toolbar" keeps you connected to the site at all times, even when browsing other websites - you'll always know if someone emails you.

I also particularly enjoyed Friend Finder's “Relationship Magazine”, which is basically a forum for members to post questions (or answers), jokes, poems, advice, stories, or whatever. It’s a little messy – of course – but many members seem to relish the opportunity to open up to fellow daters. 

So, the final verdict on Friend Finder depends a little on whether or not you’re willing to put in the effort. If you put some work into your profile and get a Silver membership, there’s no question that a few of those million+ active members will come a-callin’.

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