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  • Dating Site: www.lavalife.com
  • Regions: USA, Canada, Australia
  • Best For: Dating, Intimate
  • Online Since: 1997
  • Members: Over 5 Million
  • Starting Cost: $34.95 per month
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Lavalife Review

Dating Site Reviewsby Jason Tudor

One of the top dogs of online dating, Lavalife is a dating service with personals that can be accessed on the Internet, as well as over the phone or mobile device. Even though the service is available to single worldwide, many of its members are from Canada, Australia, and the United States.

A recent change was made to the Lavalife homepage, no longer does it radiate a cool and sultry lounge atmosphere, instead the service opted for a more conventional look with pictures of beautiful people surrounded by cheeky and stylish text that is fun to read.

One thing that sets this dating site apart from the competition is that they allow free members to respond to messages FREE, that means you'll receive more responses than you would at  other subscription dating sites.

Designed to help people connect on their own terms, the Lava Life dating site offers 3 communities of personals in which you can post your profile and search: Adult Dating (casual stuff), Relationship (serious stuff), and Intimate Encounters (naughty stuff). 

When you sign up for the first time you'll be entered into both of the first two, but Lavalife wisely gets you to tweak that profile for the intimate area. Move from one community to another with one simple

Creating a personal profile is surprisingly quick, as those in the know have clearly wanted to make it easy for new members to get started quickly and not have to fumble with page after page of lists and menus. If you wish, you can fill out a section of "interests", but it's not necessary and who reads those things anyhow? After all, the important stuff is the visual evidence, and by that we mean pictures.

The site makes using pictures easy - you can have your simple profile picture, add several pictures that are easily viewable in a "picture gallery" by other members, or set up a "backstage" that you can let certain people see but hide from others. It's also quite easy to add videos of yourself to this section, and with every digital camera out there having a simple video function, why the heck not?

From "My Home", you can get to your various profiles, search in each category using 9 different methods including video and gallery, and also access two truly useful tools. The first is "The Party", an advanced chat room that allows you to post a picture and self-description than talk to other online members of the party.

The second is "Entertainment" where you'll find all manner of distractions. There's Lavalife's "Click Magazine", chock full of articles on dating-related issues that are actually useful and frequently irreverently funny, Web horoscopes, member blogs, and urban city guides for daters.

On top of all this, through your account you can sign up for weekly "Notes" that updates you with new articles (and also remind you to get your butt online and search) and the "gal alert" which sends you the profiles of nine new gals every week. Presumably you can sign up for "guy alert", if you wish!

The service also offers forums where members can ask questions and post comments on just about anything. Available in all three communities - Dating, Relationship, and Intimate, and with dozens of topics to choose from, you'll definitely find something you want to talk about.


  • 1 Month: $34.99
  • 3 Months: $19.99/month
  • 6 Months: $16.99/month

Once you meet someone and want to get to know them better, Lavalife.com uses the tried and true subscription system, charging a flat fee per month or a pretty sweet discount for signing up for a six-month period!

This clearly isn't a dating site that relies simply on having a large membership base... Lavalife has clearly taken steps to make sure you have an online dating experience that's not only fun but functional too.

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