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  • Dating Site: www.match.com
  • Regions: USA, Canada, Australia
  • Online Since: 1995
  • Members: Over 10 Million
  • Starting Cost: $34.95 per month

Match ( Match.com ) Review

match reviewsby Jason Tudor

Ranked as one of the top places to date on the Internet, the Match dating site  is without a doubt,  extremely popular and a great place to meet singles. Its broad appeal has much to do with its gigantic membership base, the number of user-friendly features, and its reputation for successfully helping people find everything from casual dates to relationships, even marriage. Once you become a member you can create a profile with photos, do searches and send winks all for free.

Naturally, with their well-deserved reputation to protect, Match has made that extra effort to assure your privacy. The various forms of communication such as IM/Chat (instant messenger), email, telephone contact, video, audio, etc. all have “anonymizer” functions built-in in order to provide you with a safe and secure environment.

When first entering this dating website you’ll find the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section quite informative. And do take time to read some of the compelling advice, information, and articles to be found in their online singles magazine, “Happen”.

Match.com offers free limited access usage, which will acquaint prospective members with a variety of, but not all, features for an unlimited period of time. For example, you may search the database but you cannot make the initial contact. You must wait for contact by a registered paying member. You will invariably find full membership more suitable to your needs.

It’s pretty clear that Match, having maybe as many members as its going to get from the internet-veterans, is attempting to move in on those who are jumping into the online dating thing for the first time. You can tell because they’ve made signing up for a membership a pretty big educational production.

They call it their "Online Dating Starter Kit", and it’s pretty entertaining. They’ve got video footage of various cute people (dating experts, photographers, etc.) giving you not only the basics but some creative input. It can take a while, but even I found myself learning a few things for the first time. One thing, though… it steers you towards a paid membership so you may have to search a bit on the page to find the trial membership.

Profiles and searching are about as thorough as you want them to be. There are a few neat additions, namely categories for "best feature" of your body and for describing your body art. I also liked some of the self-description essays that help you separate yourself from the masses… such as "what was the last thing you read" or "what are your favorite hotspots or travel destinations".

The large membership database makes finding romance close to home more likely. Searching is fairly simple, and you can look for people as close as five miles away (geez… surely ten miles isn’t too far). Using "Mutual Matches", the search can be successfully narrowed down to show members who will share a mutual attraction with you based on the details in your profile. The “Keyword” search tool called "MatchWords", allows users to quickly locate that perfect prospect that enjoys both dancing and scuba diving.

It seems like a lot of members on Match have multiple pictures, which is always good news. If you find someone that piques your interest you’ll have basically two options. One, send them a "wink" for free. Two, pay for a membership and send them an email.


  • 1 Month: $34.99
  • 3 Months: $19.99/month
  • 6 Months: $16.99/month
  • 6 Months: $17.99/month
    Includes 6 Month Guarantee

Paid memberships vary in price depending on how long you sign up for. Just want a month? It’ll run you $34.99. Willing to go in for the long haul? You can get six months for as little as $16.99 per month. But Match throws a couple of interesting twists in the mix..

One I’m not super hot on but might work for some, the "MindFindBind". You can pay a bit of a surcharge each month and get extra content affiliated with the ubiquitous Dr. Phil. This is mostly for those making their online dating a serious affair – there is an online journal, some tests for your particular personality, and monthly audio and video advice from the good doctor himself.

The second is much more interesting. Match Personals actually guarantees that you’ll find someone special on their site. If you sign up for Match.com 6 Month Guarantee and don’t find someone, you can get another six months for free or get a refund. This alone makes this site a viable online dating option for pretty much any online dater, beginning or experienced.

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