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  • Locations: International
  • Relationship Type: Intimate Relationships, Erotic Chat
  • Service for: Adults, Couples, Gay & Lesbians
  • Editor's Rating: 3.5 out of 5 is one of the most popular of the increasingly popular adult oriented online dating sites. Provocative rather than pornographic, this site boasts a large and varied member database, and an abundance of features… just enough support in your search for that not-so-long-term relationship.

One of the first things that strikes you upon arriving at is just how classy it is compared to similarly themed adult dating sites. There are few naughty words, at least, outside of some people’s profiles! Most pictures are modest; whether or not this is a good thing is up to you and just how much visual “stimulation” you can stand.

The service is available in ten different languages, users to the site have the ability to change it to the language they speak, quick and easy, with just a click of a button. It makes a lot of sense considering that is an International dating site, and some of its members probably don't speak English.

You’ll need to sign up for at least a free membership before you can do much. Completing a profile is pretty easy, though. There’s the usual stuff about height, weight, whether you smoke or drink… and the non-usual stuff like the details of your, er, equipment.

Membership Cost

$19.95 for 1 month

$35.95 for 3 months

$99.95 for 1 year

What's FREE!

  • Free to post a profile
  • Use basic search
  • Browse profiles
  • Send instant messages
  • Use chat rooms
  • Respond to email
  • Save profiles to Hotlist
  • Post or answer advice questions in Magazine

There’s two writing bits, the first of which has you describe yourself. The second is where you describe what you’re looking for. I had to laugh when I read the advice: “You’ll get more responses if you write more than just ‘a woman’ or ‘sex’”. It’s hard to tell if they’re serious or not, but either way, that is hilarious.

There’s lots of ways to beef up your profile. There is an extensive section of extra questions regarding topics like hobbies, lifestyles, dreams and goals, as well as more risqué areas like sexual activities, accessories, and fantasies. You can upload a photo, or an audio or video introduction. Last, you can take a short personality test.

Many of these, along with referrals of the site to friends, give you special “points” that can be used to increase your access to some of the special features. Some of these are things that might only be accessible to paying members, like contacting others or making yourself a featured profile on searches.

There's quite a few ways to communicate with other members, instant messaging, webcam chat,  and chat rooms being the most popular. Any hour of the day you can always find a whole lot of people chatting - over 30 rooms rooms to choose from, with themes that range from more naughty to nice.  The service also offers, for an addition fee of course, the ability to have live one-on-one phone conversations with another member. Completely anonymous, you never have to reveal your personal home number to anyone, and there's no pay per minute or long distance charges.

If you don’t become a paid membership, your access to is limited to use of the site’s chat rooms and message boards, and you can only respond to those that have contacted you. “Silver” and “Gold” memberships have several features which really help in both searching for others and making it easier for them to find you. Those with “Standard” non-paid memberships do have one helpful advantage: if enough people check out your profile, you can qualify for 50 free viewings of profiles.

Prices vary, beginning with $19.95 a month for a Silver membership. If you purchase a Silver membership for a year, though, you great a pretty darned good deal: less than $100.00 a year! Given that paying members get a surprising number of privileges for their money, this makes the a good choice for those of us not willing to fork out the big bucks.

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Updated March 26, 2008     

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