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  • Dating Site: PerfectMatch.com
  • Regions: USA, Canada, Intl.
  • Online Since: 2003
  • Members: Over 5 Million
  • Starting Cost: $59.95 per month


Perfect Match ( Perfectmatch ) Review

Dating Site Reviewsby Jason Tudor

Intended for more serious relationships, versus casual dating, the Perfect Match dating sites is PERFECT for singles pursuing relationships. Unlike casual dating sites this site attracts a more mature audience, between the ages of 30 and 59, seeking long-term, committed relationship and/or marriage.

You can tell the moment you land on Perfect Match that this is one slick dating site, and the more time you spend the more you’ll see that it works as good as it looks. It’s obviously not one of your lesser-known relationship sites, either, having been featured in the Diane Lane/John Cusack romantic comedy “Must Love Dogs”, and a few other box office hits.

Signing up is a snap, considering just how detailed the profiles are. There are dozens of categories of information you can include in your profile, way too many to list here.  There are the usual physical details like body type, hair color, whether you smoke or drink, whether you have kids, and so on. But there’s also a bevy of more personal things you can use to separate yourself from the masses: “my sense of humor”, “when it comes to money”, “my ideal Saturday night”, “my fashion sense”, or “my favorite romantic gestures”. The best is the “things about me you’ll need to like or tolerate”, which adds a touch of humor and self-deprecation to what is usually a dull and dry process.

To top it off, Perfect Match uses a personality test call "Duet Analysis" which separates its users into four categories of personalities. It uses a mildly complicated formula, analyzing how you deal with romantic risk, your outlook on life, and other fuzzy concepts, but seems to come up with a pretty accurate picture. Just make sure you’re truthful on the questions – like any test of this nature, it’s easy to fudge results. But where is that going to get you?

Searching profiles is easy enough. Either use the personality search to find people that it thinks are a good match for you, or use the custom search to be a little more picky. In fact, the custom search lets you use pretty much any of the profile categories to sift through, and then can include only those within a certain distance from you.

To top it all off, there’s the “dealbreakers” – special qualifications which, if the person doesn’t match exactly, mean it’s not going to happen. No way, no how. These can be positive, or negative… the negative ones are actually really useful. Who wants a guy who’s “extremely messy”? OK, maybe some of you do. It also allows you to discount people of a particular race or age, or those who aren’t (or are) religious.

Assuming you eventually find someone in the tens of thousands of profiles, there’s got to be a way to contact them. One of the best things about Perfect Match is the massive variety of “icebreakers”, quick questions you just click on and are sent to prospective matches. There’s some forty of them, each of which a quick click response so the icebreaker can pick just the right answer. Even better, you can send up to four each time.


  • 1 Month: $59.95
  • 2 Months: $39.95/month
  • 3 Months: $36.95/month
  • 6 Months: $33.33/month

Even BETTER, they’re free. Of course, not everything is. The only things you don’t get without paying are direct email contact and a ten-point profile review from the site’s experts. Membership rates vary from $59.95 a month to $199.95 a 6/months (which is a decent $33 or so a month). Every once in a while, they offers "Free Communication  Weekends", which gives non-paying members a chance to email matches for free.

An additional word of interest is that this dating site claims to have a membership that is 59% women. Maybe this has something to do with their affiliation with Lifetime TV (could be!), and all the advertising this entails. Perfect Match is part of the new breed of dating sites with “connections” to the mainstream media – this works for you, whether you’re a man or woman – because it means millions of people are seeing ads for the site and possibly joining.

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